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Juicy Greek-FREAK-Fetish Fantasy Tour

Coming Next...

Sioux City,IA 6/20 Wed 3PM to 6/21 Thurs 11AM!

Cedar Rapids,IA 6/21 Thurs 3PM to 6/22 Fri 10AM!

Next Week.....

Bloomington,IL 6/25 Mon 3PM to 6/26 Tues 11AM!

Peoria,IL 6/26 Tues 3PM to 6/27 Wed 10AM!

Quad Cities,IA 6/27 Wed 3PM to 6/28 Thurs 11AM!

Des Moines,IA 6/28 Thurs 3PM to 6/29 Fri 10AM!


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